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Medieval Craft: Town Building


Once the settlement appears an unknown stranger in a fancy dress - a man in a strange outfit, constantly keeps talking that he was "not from around here." Our hero named Steve - will help residents deal with the bandits and find valuable resources for the construction of his house.

3 game modes are available for your choice:
- Survival - How long can you hold versus a crowd of vicious monsters.
- Defence - A farmer can not find their animals, help him to save all the animals and protect them from the forest bloodthirsty monsters.
- Creative - create your own world, build houses, castles, shops, farms. Putting the animal in the farm and make them work for you.

- Variety of flora and fauna - Day/Night Cycle- Beautiful scenery - Easy management and crafting - Autojump- Special items from Herobrine: pickaxe and sword- Combat System

Build, fight, grow, the only limit is your imagination!